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Humpty Dumpty

Once upon a time in Storybrooke all was going well until the evil Queen of Hearts caused misery and corrupted all the nursery rhymes in the land.

Just when the village thought the Queen couldn’t cause anymore damage she manages to sabotage the village talent show and cast a spell to trap Humpty Dumpty to the confines of a magic egg. Still not content with Humpty’s continuous happiness she decides to push him from the wall in order to crack his egg into smithereens and disperses the pieces throughout the land. Luckily Fairy Mary manages to summon King Coles army to try and put Humpty together again.

But will Bo Peep manage to find her sheep and marry Boy Blue?

Will Mother Hubbard finally get to move out of the shoe?

Will the Queen of Hearts be banished from the village?

Will Humpty Dumpty get put back together again?

All shall be revealed in this brand new cracking family pantomime.